The Dream

So why do you want to be a doctor?

Posted in Uncategorized by ladyjoker on May 25, 2009

I am starting to doubt myself, my reasons for wanting to be a doctor. I dont have the slightest reason on how to start on my appeal letter, I feel like I have lost the touch. I have been waived and swayed. I only have 1000 characters, I dont know what to include, I yearn for someone to help me and guide me along, but all along, I have been in these battle all alone. At least for my personal statement, I had Vi proofreading it for me, the nurses & pharmacist editting it for me from their point of view, and the doctors laughing at it and helping me strike things out. How about now? What do I include? But I know ultimately, this is my own issue, I need to clear this hurdle of self doubt and find my burning desire to appeal and read medicine. Sigh, if only if things werent this hard. I must start on my essay and finish it by tonight!! Its a MUST.


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