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Scold scold scold non stop

Posted in Uncategorized by ladyjoker on May 26, 2009

My mom has been scolding me for as long as I can rmb, as long as I have been awake for today. Woke up at 8 plus for driving today only to hear her naggings about how I am running late (driving’s at 9.50am btw), then she went on and on about how I spend money like water, and I just felt like I needed to defend myself cause I only spend money on food and cab, thats about it. And then I hurried myself to go bathe lest I hear all the naggings again! And she came up to my room and started clearing and tidying my room for me (not in a nice way, but in an angry way). I hate it when people touch my things cause I may be messy, but I know where my things are placed. I read in some article, intelligent people are all like that. They use messiness to mask their intelligence, why cant my mom accept me for who I am? Then I couldnt bathe any longer cause my skin was getting scaly so I stepped out of the shower room, and BLAST she started scolding and scolding again. I kept my mouth shut cause I knew retorting would make things worse, before I left house, she told me dont act stupid and that she wanted my room neat before she came home. Right after driving I came home and pack and pack and pack and took 1 whole hour to clear everything. That 1 hr, though tiring, was total peace, no one to nag and scold me. Once she came back again, the noise started again and need i repeat, AGAIN. She kept going on and on about how there was a thunderstorm going on and I am still going cluny to visit Vi. Does she think I am stupid or stupid I was obviously in my room waiting for the rain to stop. So, if there was thunderstorm and I had exams, oh does that mean I should not leave house? Gosh, rubbish.

All alot more to talk about, but its just to much to even list them down. All I can say is that the time spent at cluny and at Donald’s house today is pure bliss, the serenity was hard to beg for. I seldom get angry, when I get angry, I am really really really very angry.

Sad face.


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