The Dream

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Age’s catching up with me these days, woke up 2 days ago with an aching right arm cant move it and I was quite worried cause I havent been exercising so it cant be muscle ache. Woke up today with an acute back pain ( for no reason again?????) and just as I was walking up the stairs just now, my knee cap started cracking and it hurts. Whats wrong with me lately??? Havent spoken to xhz for so long, I hope she reads this, and finally decides to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



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Yay so happy that baby and I are going to volunteer at Tapestry this year! My 2nd tapestry after a 4 year break 🙂 Cant wait for the actual day itself and to watch them bask, I am sure it will be great, after all, Lyn’s project director this year and she has been putting in so much effort, so I’m sure it will be fantastic 🙂

My friend says I dont lead an active lifestyle for someone who is tanned??? Hahah she thinks she fair then very big shot!!!! Think now she can lie well then very imba alr hahahhah kidding lah!

This is a horrible feeling

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Honestly speaking, I dont know how much longer my luck is going to be so bad. Nothing has been working well for me ever since the start of 2009. I was so so confident I was going to pass, the test drive instructor said wah parking so good circuit so good outside road so good so on form today, you confirm pass. Even after the test, I thought I confirm pass also, I was smiling and grinning so widely. But what, I failed cause I failed to acceleerate and my speed was too slow???? That is a joke, I am never ever slow. And the worst thing was he deducted cause I failed to accelerate in circuit????? Can anyone tell me why is there even a need to accelerate in circuit?


K thanks bye this feeling is horrible. Now, even when I take taxis, I look at the driver and tell myself, sigh even he is better than you.

I dont know why I am so upset

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I guess its just a sense of foreboding that driving test’s 2 days away and I’m still making so many mistakes. Like F, I really feel like saying F when I did those mistakes, but obviously, no courtesy, courtesy, I cannot offend anyone alr, my chao bin is damn chao ttm alr.

Sigh, things to note for self: S course ???? Sigh dont know how, I mount kerb sigh sigh shit better practise more tmrw. Reverse for ramp, rmb to turn back and make sure it really goes up. Parallel parking, return wheel during reversing, rmb to look at the back and slow down speed, when exiting return wheel before moving out too. Cant believe I am changing my parking style 2 days before my test. Today, I changed my parallel parking style totally. Damn. K, these are my 3 biggest weaknesses, though only 3, all 3 are fatal mistakes. I REALLY FEEL VERY UNPREPARED, AND THE WORST THING IS I CHECKED AND THE NEXT AVAILABLE TEST DATE IS LATE AUG WHICH SUCKS, I. NEED. TO. PASS. Please let me pass, pls

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Its scary how quickly time flies, its yet another wednesday. I dont know how many of such wed has came by and gone in a blink of eye. Very very soon, before I even know it, it would be yet another mon and its my driving test. I really really want to stop the clock at this moment, I feel like I am not ready to launch and plunge into a diff phase of my life yet. I still want to lax around be happy doing nothing.

K, Y, dont wake up thinking of sad things and crying. Sigh go eat.

Post Secret

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I can now beat box :)

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Hz, I hope you will find your way out soon. What I really hope is that we can both go tgt and continue building the house that you have started building, our glow in the night stars, our sunny side ups and everything. Having said all these, I know its not that you dont want to go, its just that there is too much holding you back. What I really feel is that from an objective (but maybe, selfish) point of view, is that you cannot let all these hold you back, you cannot lead the live of someone else’s dreams. It might be tough, but you know you will give back what was once given to you one day. Like you said in the msg that night, its either now or ever. If you walk over this chance, even if another chance comes knocking at your door one day, you wouldnt consider it anymore. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined. Hold fast to your dreams, for once they die, life would be a broken winged bird that cannot fly. You know, I have spread my dreams beneath your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Cheer up, I will beat box for you tonight 🙂


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Saw this online and since I have another 1 hour left, I shall do it aw those fond memories are to die for 🙂


[ ] Known a teacher who didn’t shave her armpits–
[x] Remembered a teacher for having a very strong “scent”– Of course, who can ever forget him!!!!! One of the slackest slackest subject in lower sec, we could always smell him from the Canteen gosh!
[ ] Tricked a teacher on April Fools – Grr should have 😦 Was too much a good kid in sec school
[x] Knew a teacher who liked a student of the same sex– Hahahahahah of course, this is Crescent, what do you expect hahahahah
[ ] Knew a teacher who needed to eat more seaweed– Ah what seaweed????
[x] Contacted a teacher via SMS before –Yeah
[x] Knew a teacher that gave out demerit tickets like flyers — Hahahhaah most of the discipline teachers, one of them was crazy giving out demerit tickets by stacks! Poor kids and +++ detentions
[x] Made a teacher cry — Yeah quite a handful, dont know why female teachers were so sensitive, they get angried really easily and then will start crying and it will always spread through the staffroom and our form teacher always had to ask us to make a sorry card or some sort.
[x] Knows a teacher that knows everyone even like 3 years down the road. — Mr Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toot- Toot-Kueh, who can ever forget him!!!!!! That day I was clearing my drawer and I saw the photo of the whole sec 1-2 class with Mr Ho after our play. To think our class was whining saying aye dont want to take photo, and he kept telling us this photo will be priceless many years later. True enough 🙂 He is one hell of a funny man

[x] Wore the tie on the first day of school — Yeah, my mom kept telling me school tie was part of the uniform like SA uniform, I was like are you sure??????
[x] Buttoned up your shirt all the way to the top on the first day of school– Yeah of course it was buttoned I wore a tie.
[x] Wore the socks that said C.G.S –yeah sob sob
[X ] Wore ankle socks because the C.G.S was simply disgusting– hahah! yes!!
[x] Placed stuff in your breast pocket — all kinds of shit could always be found inside, tissue paper, sweet wrappers all shit, always bulging out hahahah
[ ] Tore your breast pocket —
[ ] Tore your skirt — Nope
[x] Wore uniforms at least two sizes bigger — Hahhahah of course, it was a crescent thing dude
[x] Wore your skirts that were too tight — Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I rmb this!!!! I think I wore the same skirt through all 4 years and gosh everytime after recess/lunch I would just unbuckle and unzip alittle cause I couldnt breathe. Sometimes I would just remove my skirt and just wear blouse and shorts for class hahahah those were the days
[x] Purposely wore shorts other than the school’s PE shorts for mass runs–of course. School shorts were dead stiff no one liked them and they were really really long
[x] hate sitting on your skirt cause you butt sweat — hahahah yes thats why we always sit on our shorts those ugly prints!!!!!
[ ] skirts below the knee — erm, sec 1 first few months I guess, give chance lah!!!!
[x] Detested your house tee so much it is chucked in one corner of your closet or is used as a rag– I rarely wear it, but no, I would never use school shirts as a rag gosh
[x] Bought sports shoes from Queensway — who hasnt?
[x ] Wore normal bras– After I stopped softball I think, and I started seeing hot JC girls and I was like, hell girls should be wearing normal bras!
[x] Unhooked people’s normal bra–duh
[x] Saw someone’s bra come undone — same as above
[x] Wore bright coloured sportsbras that wasn’t allowed–Hahhahahah of course bought so many from HK cause they were so much cheaper there!!!!
[x] Wrote stuff on your sports shoes such as _______rocks — yeah man.
[x] Thought Crescentian was pronounced as Crescent -tian — hahhahhaha yes!!! I didnt even know why the classes were named something C/G/S something hahhaha.
[x] Wore shorts under skirt all the time
[x] Wore double layer all the time — yeah so that they wouldnt catch us for our coloured bras, but the weather was so hot sometimes, so too hell with it!!!!


[ ] Got caught for having waxing your hair –Dont even think I knew what was waxing then!!!
[ ] Got scolded for having your hair too short — Only messy fringe and brown hair thats all
[ ] Hid your handphone in the OHP– How about I was councillor? So I didnt have to conduct spotchecks on myself 😉 Or rather, I knew when there would be spotchecks hahaha
[ ] Hid your handphone in ziplock bags and placed them in your water bottles — Good idea hahahha
[ ] Used lollipop sticks as your earrings–
[x ] Wore really fanciful earrings despite knowing you should not be doing so– we are all girls, give chance 🙂
[x] Wore your nametag in a way that it hung low into your breast pocket
[ ] Made a nametag that didn’t bear your name–
[x] Tore Newsweeks to share with friends who didn’t bring anything during Silent Reading–hell yes hahhahhahhh 1/2 page of newsweek hahhah
[ ] Got caught tearing your newsweeks/reading textbooks and was made to stand — Hahhahh think they always gave me chance of I was a councillor hahahha and most of the time I was somewhere round the school patrolling.
[x ] Was used as an example for bad behaviour– Sighly chinese lessons, what else? Dont know why my chinese tutor had such bad blood with me, she even complained to my council teacher to strip me off my post??? Nuts.
[ ] Was remembered by the security guard for breaking the rules
[x] Passed notes in class on a frequent basis — Duh, lower sec, classic, Cindy and I kept drawing pictures of food
[ ] Had a teacher read out the note you passed in class– Hahhahah most of the time, they just look at our food and just laugh it off


[x] Remember the ballerina story like the back of your hand
[ ] Thought the guy who appeared in school at night was a ghost —
[x ] Sat at the top level of the library worrying Pontianak would appear
[x] Heard one or more ghost stories about the school


[x] Bought mixed/”can” sandwich from the last stall
[x] Wanted to protest against the school for banning the sale of hashbrowns — Grrrrr yeah but there were always ways we could secretly ask the vendors to sell them to us 😉
[ ] Ordered chicken porridge without chicken/ grass jelly without grass
[x] Loved the dessert from the first stall– yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corn with milk and everything else!!!!
[x ] Attempted to order a random juice from the first stall and actually got it
[ ] On the first day of school, you ate from the stall with the longest queue
[x] Spread/Knew the rumour that the last stall recycles their straws– so obvious
[ ] Would rather eat Mobil’s food anytime — No, Crescent food was to die for.
[x] Slept on the canteen table
[x] Celebrated your friend’s birthday by singing Happy Birthday crescent style — Happy birthday to you blah blah blah I miss it
[x] Celebrated someone’s birthday with cake smashing —
[ x] Laughed so hard you fell off the canteen chair– once only, only once
[x] Had someone spit their food on you cause they were laughing so hard —  very common lah huh
[x] Kicked the vending machine because you heard that it gives more change than it should– banged, didnt kick
[x] RAN ACROSS PARADE SQUARE IN THE RAIN/SUN TO GET TO LAKSA/PRAWN MEE BEFORE THE QUEUE, and cutting to the front to order 10 bowls for your friends– YES YES YES
[x] Committed to memory the menu every day, like which day was chocolate prata day, or a lotus root soup day, or hor fun day — Hahahha of course, always ran out of class saying oh together is olive rice plus egg plus lotus soup day!!!! Or prawn mee with egg day!!!!
[ ] hid food under our tables and forgetting about it until a lizard appears along much hysterics, or until something smells funny on a non mass run day. —

Outside school:

[x] Has bought something from the petrol kiosk before–yeah yeah
[x] Loved buying instant noodles and balance it all the way back to school–
[x] Loved Polar Puffs and Cakes–Only curry puff, those were the best, I always bought 1 big 1 small and could finish them before I even reach Crescent
[x] Regarded town as your second home –Not really lah, but that was where I went most other than school?
[x] Ever SMS-ed people to warn them that teachers were in town — Not to warn them, only to say I saw xxx and xxx in town oooh
[ ] Knew the ice-cream uncle at Redhill–
[ ] Walked to redhill market to eat carrot cake or drink sugar cane — not really
[ ] Went to Queenstown hawker just for cheng teng —
[x] Headed to Tanglin Macs for breakfast before/after remedial– Tanglin macs hahahhah of course, who would forget

Curriculum and Hobbies:

[ ] Know one or more quotes from the Bonesetters’s Daughter — Wasnt the text for my year
[ ] Know one or more quotes from the View From The Bridge — wasnt the text for my year
[x] Read your textbooks more than 4 times — Of course, could memorise Bio/SS/Hist textbook from the front to the back and back to the front 🙂
[x] Loved breaking those 4/6 digit number locks — Hee hee 🙂
[x] Called Mr Chan up to break your lock because you lost/forgot to bring the key– Omg yes yes yes he always brings such a big hammer I was always damn scared he would hit me accidentally
[x] Headed to the toilet each time the bell rang–
[ ] Ate in the toilet before because you felt it was clean enough —
[x] Walked in to the toilet and saw something you shouldn’t see– kiss kiss touch touch
[ ] Heard people gossiping about you/people you know because they didn’t realise you were in the toilet
[x] Looked at yourself in the full-length mirror in the canteen– so many of those in Crescent, of course you do
[x] Loitered in school even though lessons were over — of course, Crescent times were really really the best
[x] irritated my class partners– of course hahahah lower sec, I would always turn around and give a damn wide freaky smile hahahah
[ ] made use of the class forum thing online to spam and use as an msn chat room–
[x] use the letter box system writing notes/POSTCARDS to each other..started out with that angel mortal thing– yep

Mass Run:

[x] Ran so fast you were given a piece of paper to commend you– Why no paper to commend me?? I never had it? Just led the run with the house buddies
[ ] Hid in class so you wouldn’t have to run —
[ ] Purposely came late for school so you could miss mass run —
[x] Were one of those few who pushed against the school gate when they were closing it all because you took too long to run — grrrr yes why are they like that grrr!!!!
[x ] Tried to run a route different from yours so it would be shorter– All the time, so easy to cheat
[x] Prayed that it would rain so mass run would be cancelled–ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME, I REPEAT, ALL THE TIME. The whole school would be screaming if they announced through the PA system that mass run is cancelled. Like wow, 1-2-3, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Rotanda, Mini Forum:

[ ] Spread flour all over the floor so you could slide through —
[x] Threw something down the rotunda– hahahha yah, very convenient what
[ ] Held a wedding ceremony at the rotunda —
[x] Tripped at the mini-forum stairs–
[x] Raced someone up the stairs — Hahahhah quite tiring 😉

Science Lab:

[x ] Tried to burn the tables in the lab
[ ] Cooked something in the lab and ate it
[x] Stole testubes, boiling tubes etc– Hahahhaha not steal, just kept replacing my test tubes with cleaner ones hahahhaa
[x] Broke something in the lab before– everyone did
[ ] Burned your hand and didn’t want to tell the teacher for fear that your SPA marks would be deducted
[x] Could smell the examination materials before O-levels

Other memories (off the top of my head):

[x] Hung out at the study pavillion, not studying.
[x] Had a watermelon spitting competition in the canteen.
[ ] Accidentally set off a fire extinguisher —
[x] Laughed at people who fall down — HAHAHAHAH most of the times V lah, she falls down in such classic manners all the time
[x] Slept in class all the time. — chinese chinese chinese booooooo
[ ] Laughed so hard in public that people took down your name and threaten to call the school —
[x] Sat on the MRT floor when there were no more seats–Hanlin calls me barbarian all the time
[ ] Pon class by sleeping at the back–Sleep at the desk and sleep at your desk got diff meh???
[x] Shot random people with ice and barley seeds using straws — Hell yeah fun!
[x] Came to school early all the time — Only lower sec then I started taking longer and longer to bathe
[x] Laughed at juniors and giving them nicknames– Hee hee rabbit girl rabbit poses hahhha wonder how is she now 😉
[x] Walked around school with blouse-over-PE tshirt and SHORTS after 11.45am and felt too damn hot to care about your social appearance. — girls school never mind lah
[x] Flip people’s skirts up to see if they were wearing shorts underneath hahahah. — hee hee yeah
[x] Changed in class and got stuck between the PE shirt and blouse — hahahhahhaah omg a male teacher actually saw V changing hahahahahahah i still rmb this, she even wrote a letter to say I am sorry for changing in front of you hahah joke
[x] crying buckets at farewell, even though we said we wouldn’t. Esp the last line of the sch song–Yeah 😦 The teachers always had to force us out of the hall, ladies you have all are grown, you may leave Crescent now, sob sob 😦
[x] Threw stuff at the fan just to watch the thng fly in another direction then hide in the cupboard and laugh hysterically
[x] Took out all the compartments from the class cupboard and made someone go in– Cupboard was our changing room lah
[ ] Watched movies using the overhead projector after school.
[x] Made a mini class skit just for fun —
[x] Tried to make everything rhyme —
[x] Had a mini food bar at the back of the classroom — yeah yeah studying for tiring at times
[x] Had so many things in the desk locker that you had trouble closing it– Yes hell, thank god lyn always let me put all my crap in her locker 🙂
[x] Had to source for boxes to put all our books when the term ended — They kept threatening to expel us????!!!???
[ ] Hated guys from a particular school cause they only knew how to break girl’s hearts —
[x] Had a class chalet — Ah? My class didnt have one, if I am not wrong. But V’s class chalet turned into our clique’s chalet and I just crashed?? Free hahahha

Crescent was the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 🙂 Beat that!

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K this is the day, the day that 10 days ago, I said chey wont be so soon can laxing laxing. Approximately another 9 more hours, I might not be the best, I might not be good with my words, but I would not allow myself to be put down without a good fight. Come on, Y,  just go in and rock it. Think before talking think before talking, sigh I need to learn that very badly and not blabber whatever truthful answer comes into my mind right away. Hope everything goes fine 🙂

“Yo wassup man Sir, do you wanna join us in the song? Just put your hands up put your hands up baby” Ha Ha Ha, if I could do that, it would be lovely 🙂

Driving test is coming up soon, 3 more lessons!!!!! I dont know how I am faring, I think i have good days and bad days!! Reminder to self: Practise S course 5. I can do this other S course, but for S course 5, it has always been 50% chance, sometimes I strike curb, sometimes I dont. Having said that, circuit is really damn impt! I cannot afford to minus any marks in circuit, else I dont even need to think about leaving the circuit, considering how bad my mirror checking skills are. Its funny how I gasp whenever I realised I forgotten to check only after I have stopped, then I would keep checking. Ha ha ha, really hope I pass, enough $$ and time spent there, I dont want to go back for more. Tues, Fri, Sat, then Mon, the REAL thing. After that, its either I drive home/ I take my sister’s car home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


K, reminder to self, list of people I want to meet up with soon:

  • Vi
  • Vi+ Sarina
  • Vi+ Nicole
  • All the Crescent people
  • Lesbian Leeza + Hz
  • Hz+ Ty
  • Cal
  • Soosan

Thats about it, how friendless ha ha, whatever, you win some, you lose some, its about keeping who you have by your side till death brings you apart 🙂

This is kind of therapeutic, I keep typing not cause I have alot to say, but because it takes my mind of things and allows me to relax and not think about it for a bit.

8 1/2 more hours 🙂

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K this is it, I have not read a book for really long, would be really embarrassing if the interviewer asked me about a recent book I have read and I have to say *blush blush* sorry erm erm erm sorry, I have not been reading. Tried searching high and low and couldnt find any book other than sense and sensibility which is a classic romance book, but no, it would be weird discussing about that book. Right, so I am going to re read Mr WKW’s glimpses and reflections. Ok its not so much for the interview its also to make time pass more quickly. I like it that its raining, I love the rain smell and sitting on my bed, reading and reading with Famous Amos cookies beside me 🙂

This is THE life.