The Dream

Posted in Uncategorized by ladyjoker on June 2, 2009

So many things that I feel within me that I need to tell someone so badly, yet I know, many things are better left unsaid. Trust & distrust, scary how fast things can spread, you tell one person something & you turn around, everyone starts questioning your actions.

I really really wish life could be much much easier, without all this competition, all these awkwardness. Every now and then, I still have the same dream, the one where all of us will be lying on the grass patch counting the stars, having fun at farm stays, sipping coffee away at some nearby cafe reading gossipz magazine, hitting the streeets, studying hard, cooking sunny side ups, vacuuming the room, crying to each other that we miss home. But truthfully, all these seem more and more distant everyday.

Sigh, and the money issue is another one getting on my nerves. Its something I have never experienced in my life, till now. The whole responsibility of being a young adult and managing my own money is killing me. I need to be more thrifty and stop wasting money unneccessarily. Let me calculate my expenses for last week, I dont want to, but face it, I need to have a limit. $12 for mon’s supper+ cab fare to driving $10.50+ cab fare back $12+ $6 tues’s lunch+ passport photos $9+ cab fare to D’s house $8+ cab fare home $13+ lunch on wed $9+ bus rides $3+ cab fare home $5+ thankfully didnt spend money on thurs+ (another cab fare to driving $10+ back home $12)x2+ supper $10.40. Thats about it, i think. Let me calculate. Good job cant even find a calculator.  Ok its roughly $150. I dont even want to think of the previous week, where i transferred $300 plus for online shopping and bought a hell load of sports apparel, this is crazy. I need to control, CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL. Ok, actually supper is very unneccessary, if i go to bed earlier, I wouldnt be hungry, so thats alright! And cab fares, I have decided to leave house earlier and take public transport, so that would save a lot, I can do this. I can.

Ok going to call Hz now! Hope she will be home tmrw!!! 🙂


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