The Dream

I dont know why I am so upset

Posted in Uncategorized by ladyjoker on June 20, 2009

I guess its just a sense of foreboding that driving test’s 2 days away and I’m still making so many mistakes. Like F, I really feel like saying F when I did those mistakes, but obviously, no courtesy, courtesy, I cannot offend anyone alr, my chao bin is damn chao ttm alr.

Sigh, things to note for self: S course ???? Sigh dont know how, I mount kerb sigh sigh shit better practise more tmrw. Reverse for ramp, rmb to turn back and make sure it really goes up. Parallel parking, return wheel during reversing, rmb to look at the back and slow down speed, when exiting return wheel before moving out too. Cant believe I am changing my parking style 2 days before my test. Today, I changed my parallel parking style totally. Damn. K, these are my 3 biggest weaknesses, though only 3, all 3 are fatal mistakes. I REALLY FEEL VERY UNPREPARED, AND THE WORST THING IS I CHECKED AND THE NEXT AVAILABLE TEST DATE IS LATE AUG WHICH SUCKS, I. NEED. TO. PASS. Please let me pass, pls


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