The Dream

This is a horrible feeling

Posted in Uncategorized by ladyjoker on June 22, 2009

Honestly speaking, I dont know how much longer my luck is going to be so bad. Nothing has been working well for me ever since the start of 2009. I was so so confident I was going to pass, the test drive instructor said wah parking so good circuit so good outside road so good so on form today, you confirm pass. Even after the test, I thought I confirm pass also, I was smiling and grinning so widely. But what, I failed cause I failed to acceleerate and my speed was too slow???? That is a joke, I am never ever slow. And the worst thing was he deducted cause I failed to accelerate in circuit????? Can anyone tell me why is there even a need to accelerate in circuit?


K thanks bye this feeling is horrible. Now, even when I take taxis, I look at the driver and tell myself, sigh even he is better than you.


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