The Dream

Posted in Uncategorized by ladyjoker on July 5, 2009

Yesterday, during tennis, I asked Leeza, so whats the meaning of life? She pondered and pondered and after lapses of silence, she said bluntly, its doing something you like. For a moment, I sat on the courts, thinking, What do I like in life? Isnt it this? Isnt it being able to play tennis with a group of people I like, being able to eat good food with my friends, being able to pick up the phone and just speed dial everyone and just talk cock, being able to study what I like, and eventually, embark on a path I have always dreamt about. Now, I would like to tell you what Leeza told me: Doing something you like, thats the true meaning and purpose of life. Go, you, I am already at the end of the hurdle.


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