The Dream

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Why is it so hard to find people who want to learn tennis???? Ah ha ha ha ah ha, actually I do understand why, the price……….. That’s why learn in groups, its so much more affordable, since I was fired form Olivia’s job, I have been desperately trying to find more students to up my commission to a triple digit! 🙂 It would be lovely to earn those $$ without doing much.

Anyone reading this and want to learn tennis, please email me @ (you can be the next Federer, he was wonderful yest afternoon wasnt he?)


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Yesterday, during tennis, I asked Leeza, so whats the meaning of life? She pondered and pondered and after lapses of silence, she said bluntly, its doing something you like. For a moment, I sat on the courts, thinking, What do I like in life? Isnt it this? Isnt it being able to play tennis with a group of people I like, being able to eat good food with my friends, being able to pick up the phone and just speed dial everyone and just talk cock, being able to study what I like, and eventually, embark on a path I have always dreamt about. Now, I would like to tell you what Leeza told me: Doing something you like, thats the true meaning and purpose of life. Go, you, I am already at the end of the hurdle.

Hi you

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Go for it

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Age’s catching up with me these days, woke up 2 days ago with an aching right arm cant move it and I was quite worried cause I havent been exercising so it cant be muscle ache. Woke up today with an acute back pain ( for no reason again?????) and just as I was walking up the stairs just now, my knee cap started cracking and it hurts. Whats wrong with me lately??? Havent spoken to xhz for so long, I hope she reads this, and finally decides to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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Yay so happy that baby and I are going to volunteer at Tapestry this year! My 2nd tapestry after a 4 year break 🙂 Cant wait for the actual day itself and to watch them bask, I am sure it will be great, after all, Lyn’s project director this year and she has been putting in so much effort, so I’m sure it will be fantastic 🙂

My friend says I dont lead an active lifestyle for someone who is tanned??? Hahah she thinks she fair then very big shot!!!! Think now she can lie well then very imba alr hahahhah kidding lah!

This is a horrible feeling

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Honestly speaking, I dont know how much longer my luck is going to be so bad. Nothing has been working well for me ever since the start of 2009. I was so so confident I was going to pass, the test drive instructor said wah parking so good circuit so good outside road so good so on form today, you confirm pass. Even after the test, I thought I confirm pass also, I was smiling and grinning so widely. But what, I failed cause I failed to acceleerate and my speed was too slow???? That is a joke, I am never ever slow. And the worst thing was he deducted cause I failed to accelerate in circuit????? Can anyone tell me why is there even a need to accelerate in circuit?


K thanks bye this feeling is horrible. Now, even when I take taxis, I look at the driver and tell myself, sigh even he is better than you.

I dont know why I am so upset

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I guess its just a sense of foreboding that driving test’s 2 days away and I’m still making so many mistakes. Like F, I really feel like saying F when I did those mistakes, but obviously, no courtesy, courtesy, I cannot offend anyone alr, my chao bin is damn chao ttm alr.

Sigh, things to note for self: S course ???? Sigh dont know how, I mount kerb sigh sigh shit better practise more tmrw. Reverse for ramp, rmb to turn back and make sure it really goes up. Parallel parking, return wheel during reversing, rmb to look at the back and slow down speed, when exiting return wheel before moving out too. Cant believe I am changing my parking style 2 days before my test. Today, I changed my parallel parking style totally. Damn. K, these are my 3 biggest weaknesses, though only 3, all 3 are fatal mistakes. I REALLY FEEL VERY UNPREPARED, AND THE WORST THING IS I CHECKED AND THE NEXT AVAILABLE TEST DATE IS LATE AUG WHICH SUCKS, I. NEED. TO. PASS. Please let me pass, pls

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Its scary how quickly time flies, its yet another wednesday. I dont know how many of such wed has came by and gone in a blink of eye. Very very soon, before I even know it, it would be yet another mon and its my driving test. I really really want to stop the clock at this moment, I feel like I am not ready to launch and plunge into a diff phase of my life yet. I still want to lax around be happy doing nothing.

K, Y, dont wake up thinking of sad things and crying. Sigh go eat.

Post Secret

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I can now beat box :)

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Hz, I hope you will find your way out soon. What I really hope is that we can both go tgt and continue building the house that you have started building, our glow in the night stars, our sunny side ups and everything. Having said all these, I know its not that you dont want to go, its just that there is too much holding you back. What I really feel is that from an objective (but maybe, selfish) point of view, is that you cannot let all these hold you back, you cannot lead the live of someone else’s dreams. It might be tough, but you know you will give back what was once given to you one day. Like you said in the msg that night, its either now or ever. If you walk over this chance, even if another chance comes knocking at your door one day, you wouldnt consider it anymore. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined. Hold fast to your dreams, for once they die, life would be a broken winged bird that cannot fly. You know, I have spread my dreams beneath your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Cheer up, I will beat box for you tonight 🙂